Men's Dress Socks: What You Should Know

Socks can make or break your fashion style. If you wear torn socks, no matter how stylish you may be, it will be embarrassing when someone sees the holes on the socks. The same also applies when you wear socks whose color contrast with the color of the trouser. You will only be attracting undue attention to your legs with these socks.  Read more great facts on  funky socks, click here. 

It is important to carefully consider the type of socks you would like to wear. When you wear the right socks, you can bring out your personality as well as show your fashion sense. Below is an overview of some of the things you should know about men's dress socks.

Types of Socks
There are various types of men's dress socks available in the market. You should think of your preferences as well as function when choosing the socks. Here are the main types of socks. For more useful reference regarding  gift ideas for men, have a peek here. 

i) Men's dress socks
These socks are designs to be worn with men's casual clothing or suits. The clothing are made from different materials. Most of them come in the conservative colors of burgundy, brown, battle green, medium grey, charcoal grey and black. If you are wearing lighter clothing, you can go for lighter colored socks such as tan.

Today, manufacturers are many more experimental types of dress socks. For example, you will come across socks with patterns and attention graving colors and shades. These socks are perfect for people who work in less conservative industries such as startups. They are also great for the man who would like to show his fashion taste.

ii) Protective socks
Like the name suggests, these socks are meant to protect the feet from cold. The socks are made of heavier weaves that have higher insulating fibers. The heavier weight of the socks can compromise on fit but not performance. These socks are meant to be worn during extreme cold weather conditions.

iii) Athletic performance socks
When you want to enhance your physical performance, you will need athletic socks. There are many types of athletic performance socks in the market. Examples include specialty ones designs to trap in heat and wick moisture when you are skiing to those that have snug sweat wicking properties. Athletic socks are specially designed for comfort when you are engaging in different sports. Apart from this, they can help to avoid frostbite if you are into snow sports.

The above is an overview of what you should know about men's dress socks.